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Hellenic & Mediterranean dining experience


Cooking is an act of love.

Food is memory

A long-standing interest in healthy and tasty eating, together with a passion for cooking and the amazing variety of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, led me to open this small restaurant. Learning from my experiences of running my own bar and combining my love for creating spaces for guests to feel at home, I wanted to realise an environment where people feel comfortable and welcomed. A relaxed setting to enjoy honest, local food.


Leaving Apololi Kori not only with memories of what they ate but also how they felt is my desire for guests who dine at my restaurant. A souvenir of Greek hospitality.


Embracing simple ingredients and refining traditional recipes, we have developed our own brand of home cooking that comes from the heart and soul. This approach has enabled us to support a model of tourism that creates an enriched understanding of local food culture with the least possible damage to authenticity often found in mass or fast food today. As a strong believer that if we all act with more awareness and sensibility in our ways we can make the world a better place. This trust and respect feeds into our philosophy of a slower and more responsible model of modern tourism.

Cooking is an act of love. Food is memory.

Waiting you!


chef & owner


Hellenic cuisine in a hidden courtyard oasis

Located in the middle of Mandraki, Apololi Kori restaurant opened in 2017. Once used as a small distillery for wine and raki, it has been transformed into a little haven of tranquility and culinary delights. Protected from the wind, the hidden backyard with its shady green roof is nestled amongst vegetable gardens. In this idyllic setting you can enjoy creative and traditional Greek Mediterranean dishes. 


We only use the best of small Greek produce in the kitchen - local and organic whenever it is possible.

In fact, most of the vegetables and fresh herbs grow just next to your table. High quality virgin olive oil is used in abundance and lies at the heart of our dishes. We have no microwave, and avoid artificial ingredients.


We are great supporters of the Greek way of eating

– a variety of dishes shared around a table uniting people, cultures, and experiences.

This informs our philosophy of respect and enjoyment around your food and visit.

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