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We are guided by seasons: the daily market provides us with the finest produce that, in turn, informs our menu. This allows us to use these selected ingredients to offer you a bigger variety of freshly cooked dishes that sit alongside our signature offerings. You can choose between slow cooked local meats, fresh fish, pasta and salads, as well as vegan and vegetarian options.


Based on simplicity, the Mediterranean kitchen is full of perfect combinations, much like the variety of cultures that are united by the same sea and fertile soils. The climate is also a catalyst for the approach to food, dining on light and fresh meals in an al fresco setting. Continuing the Epicurean ideals, we aim to provide you with an experience to share good food and lively conversation with others.


We recommend making a reservation to avoid disappointment, especially for larger groups and during the high season.

Some of our dishes

- Salad with fresh zucchini & cucumber, spearmint, lime and chili

- Open small pie with local fresh “xinomitzithra” cheese and caramelized onions

Grilled cheese “manouri” with fresh green beans and cherry tomatoes

- Slow oven-roasted goat with variety of herbs from greek nature served with potatoes 

- Vegtables stuffed with bulgur and herbs

- Meatballs (burgers) stuffed with "graviera" cheese, potatos and dip with sweet red pepper and walnuts 

Fatet batinjane: Eggplants with chopped meat, youghurt sauce with tahini and crouton

- Pork filet staffed with “manouri” cheese and sun dry tomatoes wrapped in wine leaves

- Ηünkâr beğendi: Veal bites in tomato sauce with eggplants puree

- Alkisti's pasta with mackerel filet fish, caper, cherry and sun dried tomatoes, pistachio and chilly

- Pasta with avocado, sun dried tomatoes, walnuts, chilly and feta cheese

- Pasta  with home made pesto basilico

You can accompany your meal with very good organic house wines, as Asyrtiko from Santorini with Sauvignon Blanc, or Merlot. Also there is a small selection of interesting bottled wines, beers or fresh non alcocholic juices.

Try our homemade deserts!

Watercolor Brush 12
Red Chili Pepper

vegeterian & vegan dishes

Olive Branch

extra vergin olive oil

Parsley Leaf
100% Nautral 2

no microwave & artificial igredients

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